Thursday, August 20, 2009

Who Is It?

My heart is not what I believe it to be...
I hope that this is a lesson...
That is what I cannot explain.
What is this feeling I have?
I can't escape it.
It never leaves me.
All I want is to feel whole
But I cannot see.
Who is that!!
Calling my name?
What are we really?
Am I real?
I can't tell if I am real.
What am I?
Who are we?
I need another answer!!!
Please call out to me!!!
Am I being pushed out of society?
And crazy as it seems
I have never felt so perfect
Or more torn apart
Then I am now.
Why is the world so harsh?
Am I changed?
Who am I?
Flexed as a paper
Stiched inside the fine seams
Of life.
Keep me alive
Because I feel so dead
I might as well be.
I feel as if no one cares about me
Even though I know they do.
My heart and head are not the same
They can never work together.
And if all else fails which do I trust?
And if all else fails who do I believe?
And if all else fails where will we be?

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