Friday, March 27, 2009

Ninja Bear

Underneath the skin
I'll let you in
Just ask me
About the screams
Tearing through my head
I don't think I can stop it

Underneath the smiles
Laced on my lips
Just ask me
About the stains
On my heart

Where I don't think I can clean
Underneath me
No one knows or dares to enter
Just ask me
About anything
About the pain
About the scars
About the words
About the poison
The dying words
No one knows or dares to say
"I love you"
Said the teddy bear

A Soul Torn To Pieces

A soul torn to pieces
Crying for more
A scar torn through pieces
stop crying for me
I'm just trying to be
The person inside me

A soul torn to pieces
Who cares
I know
Can cause stares
A pair torn to pieces
Then in half
A fraction of a fraction
Can scratch a surface

You can hide
Running away
From rejection
Covering up glass
Easier to pass
As a soul
Torn by the past

A Look

Closing up the scars
That carried me away
To invisible stares
A place within a place
Called nowhere
Inside the meadow
Called nowhere
You called, "here now"

Flying to the space
That destroyed my grace
To visible cares

A person within people
Called, "I'm here now"
Inside your head
Called, "I'm here now"
To a person
Who has
A soul torn to pieces.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Seeing Double

Calling my name
I should

Your heart

And I get

I don't want

I don't want

But you.

Hopefully Crashing

If I could break
This open page
Maybe you would understand
How I feel

Hanging on a strand
A thread
A needle
A pin

And your hopefully crashing
Into me
My translucent skin

I think your the one
Sticking it in
If I could Stop this feeling
Would I?
Maybe you would understand
Maybe if everything ends
Maybe it can end.

Especially you

I keep steping closer to the edge
I keep holding back for nothing
I keep thinking no one cares
Especially you

I know I will fall someday
I know no one will catch me
Besides you probably don't care
I hope someone will be
Especially you

I just fell off my cliff
And no one cares
Especially you
When I'm dead.