Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Conversation

"Those little monkeys,
Are the words little said,
But they are the greatest.
Funny how it sounds so perfect,
Funny how we are alive,
Funny how everyone is part of one story.
If a small ant is killed,
The last of its kind,
How our world does change."
Said the rabbit to the fly.

"But those worldly to all,
And those whole can understand,
The berries of red are the same,
As those black ones,
Its all how we are perceiving things,
And what then is the lesson here?"
Replied the fly.

"For monkeys are the smallest of hopes,
They keep me going,
And his friend the ant is forever,
He will be reunited,
With him when he is the last...
Which he is,
And so are you and I,
The key of our flowers,
Are how we are,
Bonded and befriended,
By all the lost, lonely and the last of us"
Said the unknown.

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