Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Broken Hearts Always Scar

Fireflys are nothing more than words,
Drifting in my dark mind
But fireflys can't live forever,
And neither can I.

My words are artifical,
Nothing more because if I really talk,
I will be ignored.

My fever is higher,
I can't make a mistake,
Because if I do,
All the fireflys will pore out
And there will be a neverending poison,
That drifts through my veins
And the tears never dry
The blood to my heart will continue to flow
But the places and moments,
Where you touched my heart,
Shall always ache for you.

I will always remember,
The most of my moments,
When i thought it was true,
But you are always going to be,
To good to be true to me
So I'll go back,
To my former love,
Because love is what I live for,
Till the end of my every day.

I loved you again,
But forever you are going to be,
My hell in my heaven,
Where Fireflys are nothing more,
Than dreams I never lived before.

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littleeMISScar said...

awwwww! kate i like it a lot!!! is it about who i think it is?...... :/